2022 – Numerology – Tarot

As is my custom I tend to have look at the numerology of the upcoming year.

Overall, 2022 is a six year which implies that it is about choosing between the old and the new. Hopefully with divine inspiration.

But when I started to look and feel 2022, the thing that stood out was 22. I did not see it, at first as, as 2 + 2 = 4.

I see it as 22 which is the dark jewel Egotism.

The feeling behind this stems from the prolonged coronavirus restrictions. So far people have been, by and large, able to keep a lid on it, on the pressure cooker.

“22 Egotism
Active Shortcoming: Self-importance
Behaviour: Self-opinionated, arrogant, self-centred, pompousness, holier-than-thou, longwindedness
Passive Shortcoming: Self-pity
Behaviour: Victim/martyr, hard-done-by, unappreciated, fear of exposure, fear of being wrong, fear of criticism”

Already people are blaming others. My first best guess hunch is that we will be seeing a lot of the behaviours associated with this dark jewel manifesting next year. Things could erupt and blow.

The negative manifestation of 22 is minus four. This is when 4 stability changes into inertia and death minus thirteen. As opposed to the positive version of 13 death of the old {ways}.

There will be a tendency to remain stuck.

There could be a coronavirus Groundhog Day. The rich are vaccinated, the poor not. The virus in the poor will mutate and spread and the immunity conferred by the vaccine in the rich will again dwindle in the light of new variants. Same shit different day. Boris may have to “save” Christmas again 😉

There area a lot of twos.

Two means the need for humility and understanding for our fate is written for us in the book of destiny. If we are not sufficiently humble our destiny cannot evolve as we try to force our will on the world and dictate how life should sumbit to our precious and important plans.

I see a bifurcation, a split.

Those who have sufficient humilty and understanding will be able to choose between the old and the new. 2 + 2+ 2 = 6 They will be able to let go of what has served its purpose and usher in some new and freshness in their lives. They may get a taste of absolute freedom zero. They will feel the burden of the old lessen and a sense of new found adventure, nascent.

Those who insist and are adamant in their egotism will not be able to choose and in so doing opt for the stagnant inert and old ways of being. They will insist that life must be normal and remain the same. They will demand the right to their aquisitional materialism and continue to kill the planet with their greed. They will not change. There will be the slow death of stubbornness, stuck-ness and inertia. The more they refuse to change the more the universe will kneel them. Could mean more natural disasters.

Some people will change a lot next year, others will remain insistent and stubbornly stuck.

First pass…

Numerology – Boris Johnson

Alexander Johnson is a wood dragon like me so he is always going to be a tad mercurial.

I did not feel comfortable to do a work up of his entire name because it is not clear what alphabet aplies for the de Pfeffel bit.

I once did full work ups for Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, they were uncanny.

Because Alexander is using Boris he is not living true to his natural vibration.

Boris his name of use is a One

Alexander his given name is a Three.

I supect that Alexander is “forcing” himself to act like a Boris. Seems to me that Alexander, the positive aspects above fit him rather well, he can also be a tad chaotic.

His first pinnacle 0-27 is a Seven

Not much is published about him during this time but some of these might fit.

At the age of 25 he became Brussels Correspondent for the Telegraph just before he moved into his second pinnacle which is a three.

I suspect that this was the time of his life when Alexander {3} was at his most happy. He could extrovert to his hearts content and have a lot of fun without too much burden of responsibility.

At the age of 35 just before his third pinnacle started he became editor of The Spectator and then entered parliament at age 37 as an MP

His third pinnacle is a one. This is him taking up the mantle of leadership.

At age 44 he was elected mayor of London just before he entered his final pinnacle which is an 8. At age 48 he had his second mayoral term

At age 51 he was an MP again with ministerial responsibility and at age 52 he led the Brexit out campaign.

I guess that the not following orders from Brussels may be aback his urge for Freedom.

I suspect that Alexander would be a lot happier expressing his creativity rather than trying to lead a country. His dislike of rules means that he is loath to impose them on others.

His principle and final challenges are 4

I suspect that it does not come naturally to him to express the positive characteristics above. They are for him challenging. This challenge appears twice so he must face it.

When he leaves office he will proabably be happiest writing or as an editor again. It just occurred to me he would actully make a good chat show host, where his quick wit could entertain and probe.

Bern – 90GHz—UBS Dream 02-07-2021 Worked Up

I woke up this morning at 6AM and was pretty sure that I would not go back to sleep. I did and had this dream. When I tried to wake up my right eye was difficult to open it been sealed with sleep. As an aside since I stopped smoking, I have had much more gummy eyes {sobriety lack of, can’t open} with loads of sleep. Here is the dream.

I am in a vast laboratory {Experiment?}. It is filled with optical benches upon which are optical components {? Window = vision or idealism} and lasers. I know this laboratory to be in Bern Switzerland.{noted} Unusually for this kind of laboratory one can see out of the windows {see out- vision from “above”} and to the town below. W { need to recapitulate my relationship with him} is excited he has received a parcel and is busy unwrapping it. It is a new slim, top of the range, Tektronix {TEKTRONIX = 2 + 5 + 2 + 2 + 9 + 6 + 5 + 9 + 6 = 46 which reduces to 10. Tarot 10 = La Roue de Fortune. Jewel 10 is impeccability. Dreaming Symbol is New Cycle. Impeccability through the repetition of past experiences / warning not to walk into old traps. 10 is the relationship between fluidity 1 and absolute freedom zero.} digital storage {? Something to do with memories?} oscilloscope.

It has all of the functions of the bulkier models but is slimmed down. I say to W that I can help him understand how to use it because all of the experiments at the lab of S used one of these. All we need first is a square { strength / stability} wave waveform generator so that we can have a play. BC {where did that come from? Need to recapitulate my relationship with him} says that he thinks there is one in the store. I go with him to the store and there is a pile of instrumentation. I see one with the name GR {where did that come from? Need to recapitulate my relationship with him, not so likely as he isn’t in the dream in person} on it and note that it is odd that it should be here in Bern. BC finds a square wave generator and hands it to me. He says that it starts at 90GHz. {9 + 0 = 9 this is completion or need for completion. It is the relationship between completion and absolute freedom. Tarot 9 is l’hermite this is how I am currently living} I comment that it might be a bit too high frequency for the oscilloscope. He says that probably not, the scope may not capture all of the waveform but should be Ok for us to play with. I go over to W.

Next, we are back in the flat. {view of the world} It is full of youngish men who all work at the laboratory. We are all sleeping in one bed {desire for rest need to wake up?}. It is somehow on a veranda outside the house. I wake up and decide to go shopping. I look across the valley where this is a night club called Bodhisattva {Bit incongruous but not so weird given that I had posted about this the night before}. We all sometimes go there. I think that it will be nice to look at Migros again. As I go into the shop there is a queue for baskets, and I am behind an old Swiss man. He unpacks the baskets and hands me one. I go into the store and am at the fruit counter. It is immaculately laid out with very high-quality produce { food = desire for spiritual nourishment} from around the world. It is even better than I remembered it. I get some groceries and take them back to the flat. Where I put them in a bag in the pantry. I explain to W that it is very nice to see high quality {emphasis on quality I have long felt that Switzerland and Japan are linked in this. I worked with W in Japan too }Swiss produce as things here are not so consistent.

In the dream I have paid with a UK credit card but to my surprise my UBS bank card is also in my wallet.  {Money is crystallised power.  BC surname is Crystal}

We are back in the laboratory, and I know that I have a job there. It has been easy to set up because my Swiss Bank account at UBS {Money is crystallised power UBS is 3 + 2 + 1 which adds up to 6 – inspiration and guidance from power / need for having to choose between the old and the new. Tarot 6 is l’amoureux. Bit of a push here?} is still active {in reality this is not the case}. We play with the oscilloscope for a while.

Next, I am back in the flat { view of the world} asleep in the big bed with a whole bunch of other people. The wife is there next to me. I am on the extreme edge of the bed, and she is nestled in my left arm. I kiss {Kissing need for strength / lack of strength / fear of strength / this does not sit well contextually } her on the brow, and everybody wakes up. I ask what time it is. Close to midday. I comment that is late. Not if you were up drinking and smoking {implied cannabis}. {The difficulty waking up theme is mirrored in the dream, need perhaps to be more wide awake?}

I had better rush to get to the bank before it closes. {Implies need to hurry up take some action perhaps. An opportunity or possibility may be passing}I rush – running – escapism opportunity for? } off down hill concerned that I will fall because of my left hip {Hip – fluidity lack off contextually fine}. I am a bit awkward running down the hill. I need to get to the bank {Money is crystallised power} to ask them for a new PIN {PIN  is 7 + 9 + 5 = 21 peace and success / a new beginning , this reduces to three creativity and joy lack of / mixed abundance. Feels like over kill and PIN is just a PIN} number for my bank card. I know that all I have to do is ask because they will recognise me. I could ask in English or German or even French. As I am running down the hill, {Descending stairs a need to reach for deeper implications, warning not to become retrogressive} rehearse what words I would need first in Hoch Deutsch and second in French. In my mind I know that the language I will choose depends upon who I meet at the bank counter. { languages here might suggest more talents than I think… a bit of a push}

Dream ends.

La Maison Dieu – 16

On and off this morning I have been “getting” tarot 16, la Maison Dieu.

This verbalisation is by Theun Mares

There is a feeling of comeuppance or reckoning in the offing, but this is not insofar as I can tell, pertaining to me.

Yesterday we had some thunder but as yet no lightning, the dreaming symbol for intent.

I can feel it, intent, universal intent is on the move.

I love lightning and I have yet to see the childhood electrical storms of Mt Isa beaten.

I am also getting a growing Dune vibe.

Something is shifting.

2020 Numerology {Written pre-Covid}

Each year in December I like to look at the numerology of the upcoming year. He is my first pass.

{File date 13-12-19}

The first thing to note is the symmetry:

20 repeated and therefore doubly important.

20 is the light jewel {honour} which is made up of 2 {humility and understanding sometimes destiny} and 0 {absolute freedom} it is also two cycles of ten. The start of a new cycle or one coming to a close? Again repetition implies signficance. We need to have humility and understanding in the context of freedom in order to achieve honour. Arrogance will not wash. It is written in the book of destiny. Zero indicates a commencement of journey, le mat, the fool. The tarot card judgement is pretty hard-core.

2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 4

4 is the light jewel {stability} in order to achieve stability, there has to be correct balancing of the tensions, dynamic tensions. 

If stability is not achieved, we get – 4 which is inertia, which can lead to death -13 { 1 + 3 = 4 }

There will be tensions in trade negotiations, these need to be balanced.

So, we could have stable movement forward or utter paralysis. In the absence of honour {– 20}  inertia { –  4}. Arrogance and pig-headedness leads to inertia, dishonourable behaviour – inertia.

Looks to be an interesting set of numbers.

Secret Garden / Princess Dream 4-3-21 – Worked Up

Here is this morning’s dream, it was very vivid.

I am walking in our current garden {open areas – freedom or fear of taking the gap to freedom maybe greenery = need for practicality} as it is and stumble upon a wooden door {possibility} in a stone wall {barrier?}. The door does not exist in our physical plane garden. I reach down into the pocket of my combat trousers and take out the set of keys {Answer(s) or solution to}. I try the keys in the lock and one of them opens the door {the keys work}. I step through the door {the possibility opens up} and close {noted} it behind me.

I am now in a magnificent Italianate garden, {beautiful open view of the world – freedom?} with stonework, and beautifully created flower {beauty or need for} beds. It has the feel of northern {north not significant as it was my added description} Italy, of Lago Maggiore. There are carved stone flowerpots and trellises with flowers {repeated beauty} growing over them. Up ahead is an ornate building which seems unoccupied, the wooden shutters are closed {fancy view of the world, fancy but closed}. I go up to that building and again try the keys {Answer(s) or solution to}. The door {possibility} opens and I enter. I open {open the view of the world, let some light in} the shutters, and this reveals a well-appointed ground floor appartement {view of the world} which now looks out onto the sea {life in general}. I understand that we own this. It is a part of the property we purchased from Mr T. {Mr T’s name rhymes with Tarot and whenever he pops up so does some Tarot related theme.} I think we might be able to rent this out. I might also be able to write here.

I see a door {possibility} which appears to lead nowhere. I again try the key {Answer(s) or solution to} and it opens on to an ornate staircase. I climb the staircase {the need to recognise and eradicate separativeness ; or need to reconcile apparently opposing concepts} and there is another well-appointed appartement, bigger and grander than the one downstairs. I find a room laid out with a drawing table, for technical drawing. On it is a very fine white {peace of need for peace} cloth envelope. I pick this up and see that there is a message {literally some kind of message a bit like a secret mission which is an indication of destiny??} inside for me. It is written in blue {humility and understanding and occasionally destiny} copperplate {sense of elegance} and I decide to open it later. I look around the apartment and see that Mr T. {tarot} has left many catering supplies from the party he gave just before he departed.

I hear a knock on the apartment door {possibility}. I go down to investigate and it is the estate agent who is showing around a potential client. The estate agent is female, my age, and has with her a young beautiful woman with long dark hair {In the past my dreamer used to a appear as a woman with long dark hair but she was always my age. Dreamer??}. The agent is explaining that because of the pandemic she isn’t doing rentals but if we discuss things with the owner, we might be able to agree on something. I nod in agreement.

I show them to the room where the supplies are. The young woman now has a young boy with her, a toddler. I offer him some chicken crisps {not real food} at which the woman says no he mustn’t. I find some grapes {personal power}, and these are ok. He eats {desire for spiritual nourishment} a few. The estate agent has left. The young woman kisses {need for strength or lack fear of strength, the sense is that she needs strength from me} me on the lips, and I pull away. I say that I am married.

I spend the night with the young woman in the same bed as her and the boy. I am naked {I have no clothes, no self-image or view of the world.} and they are clothed. As dawn{new} approaches, I go to the window and look out over the see. I put on a pair of skimpy underpants which have the word FREEDOM {noted and it was upper case} written on them. Out of the window {vision or idealism} I can see the seashore {life in general}., the sea and some rocks. I see a bright orange/red blob {cunning / need to be shrewd mixed with violence of need to fight? Not sure colour is the point here} unfurl its wings like a phoenix {mythical beast = power or magic}. It flies {desire for freedom, opportunity for freedom} over to near the window. The bird like object lands and amidst the feathers it has the face of a black {totality need for wholeness} man. It asks me if I am with “the princess” {nothing derogatory about this the man is protective of her and she is royal to him}. I say yes because now I know that that is what she is. He says that all will be well and that I must first come with him.

I go to leave and again the princess tries to kiss {need for strength or lack fear of strength, the sense is that she needs strength from me} me. I pull away. Although I am tempted, I know that to have sex {heterosexual sex is desire for intelligent cooperation / fear of domination there is a sense of cooperation but the time is not yet I have something to do with the phoenix dude first} with her is not the reason she has found me. She asks me will I return to them. I say that yes but first I must go.

Dream ends.


“In ancient Greek folklore, a phoenix (/ˈfiːnɪks/; Ancient Greek: φοῖνιξ, phoînix) is a long-lived bird that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again. Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. Some legends say it dies in a show of flames and combustion, others that it simply dies and decomposes before being born again.”

When I awoke, I was taken to this image which I took while having a fire ceremony over a decade ago.


First comment when taken with yesterday’s dream with the electrical discharge it is safe to hypothesise that power, the spirit, the nagal is up to something.

Second comment the circumstance of us buying “the big house” in the village from Mr T. were mightily full of various synchronicities. I am still waiting to discern the purpose behind the purchase which was the smoothest one I have ever made.


There is a strong sensation of timing to this dream.

By accident I will stumble upon a possibility which I have the solution for. This opens the door to further possibilities. This will expand and beautify my view of the world in several stages via further possibilities to which I also have a solution. I may have to open someone else’s mind.

I will be left a clue to my destiny. It is possible that I will meet someone who has need of me and is fated so to do. {There are other things that Mr. T has left us a legacy yet to be revealed.} There is a lot to do with freedom in this dream, in the sense that I have it.

Power has something instore for me which I need to cooperate with.


Ancillary question:

Am I to rise from the ashes in some way?

The Shaman’s Breakdown

I’ll preface by saying, if family legend is correct, I am a direct descendant of a gwrach or witch. And one from deepest darkest Snowdonia to boot. Sometimes “the gift” skips generations and resurfaces in the most unlikely of beings, maybe even a chemical physics dude and laser jock. 😉

Around 1995 I had a major depressive episode with inherent suicidal ideation. Initially I was on the green and whites. Later when these did not work the consultant psychiatrist put me on monoamine oxidase inhibitors and tricyclics.

There was major risk because of potential dietary interaction. The doctor felt able to take that risk because I was a practising vegan at the time. I even flew to Japan whilst on the latter combination and only had a mild hypertensive episode once at a business dinner in a fancy restaurant. This kind of treatment is usually for inpatients.

It was pretty clear to me that something had to change and change fast.  So, I began to look at alternate ways of living and ways of viewing the world. It is common knowledge amongst the shamanic community that many shamans have to have a kick up the butt in order to start practising. This is either a breakdown, a vision or a major life-threatening illness.

My first encounter with the word shaman was in the books of Carlos Castaneda. However, I had met two wise men before. These were our gardener and our houseboy when we lived in Zambia.  The houseboy was 53 and the gardener, Tembo (elephant) was in his seventies. They let me (10-13) sit with them sometimes, even when others came to ask their advice. They had a divination game involving throwing some stones over a grid of shallow holes dug in the ground. I was OK, my sister not.

During my illness a copy of the I Ching fell off a bookshelf in a bookshop in Tring and landed right at my feet. Ok, I am meant to look at I Ching. I found a course on Native American Indian Shamanism and began. As a part of this we did Runic Shamanism and Remote Viewing. I carved an entire set of runes from slate and wore each one, in turn, as a necklace. I got better.

One could argue it was the meds or it could be that I was at last looking into something I was “meant” to.

Here in Brittany, you can find shamans, clairvoyants and tarot readers in the yellow pages. They even had a thing in the local newspaper when someone opened up a cartomancy or Tarot business in the local town! It is a bit odd, to my eyes, for a catholic country. In the local town there is one shop which sells catholic icons and crosses as well as books on shamanism, Angels, and divining pendants. As usual there are contradictions.

So why am I being pointed again at Shamanism?

I’ll ask the I Ching.

There could be a business opportunity…

Quantum Optics and Tarot

Crazy world, crazy times. I have been reflecting a little on how the card La Maison Dieu is “in play”. Seems to me that the countries which have approached the virus with more respect have fared better. Less people have been struck down. Even those countries which had a strict lockdown are experiencing a resurgence in virus numbers. There is, perhaps, some aspect of karma at work. Pooh-pooh the virus and there is a chance that you will get a dose.

Where things go from here remains to be seen.

So, this month I have “published” something on tarot{here} and later this month my quantum optics patent application will get published. Quite a strange juxtaposition. I am considering putting my tarot slide pack up here. Way back I gave a course on this. It was a bit different from Chemical Kinetics!! I might also put some aspects of the patent. Hmnn…

It has been tanking it down for ~36 hours and Ventusky {there are some groovy weather simulations there} says it will tank it down for at least another 12. This means we are on river watch. The level is getting close to the bridge and in all likelihood it will overflow later today. The ground is sodden…

La Maison Dieu


Crowned in self important glory

man walks close

the house of God


Carrying worldly wealth,

fickle fame

and transitory temporal power


He seeks to deal with God

to buy his very own

stairway to heaven


Heaven is not for buying

and a thunderbolt

ejects man from His house


Bringing him to his knees

amidst his scattered goods

to ponder on his folly


To ponder the price of crowns,

the price of material obsession

and the cost of all his deeds