Woke – Taboo

These from The Urban Dictionary


The act of being very pretentious about how much you care about a social issue.

Yeah most people don’t care about parking spaces for families with disabled pets. I wish they were woke like me.

Deluded or fake awareness.

Lebron acts woke about China, he just full of shiite.

Being “Woke” is what happens when instead of taking one blue pill, you down the entire bottle.

“I’m sure glad I attended that college seminar on crypto-genderism, now I’m really woke.”

Woke is a politically correct alternative to “stupid” or “retarded”.

OMG Sean Penn is so woke!

Using an improper word in an incorrect tense to attempt to attach some worldly significance to a person or object (books, screenplay, etc.) so that one appears to be “hip.” In actual fact, this usage shows one’s ignorance and inability to use words and feelings to express oneself properly.

A celebrity guest on Talking Dead used “woke” to describe the episode of The Walking Dead when enlightened or relevant may have made better choices. Keep in mind that this is a fictional show about Zombies.


The thought police are alive and well in our times, and the number of taboo thoughts, opinions, beliefs and views has increased markedly. THEY do not accept them; we have to agree and be woke. In other words, we have to pretend that we agree with the politically correct view. How this politically correct view becomes the “accepted” politically correct view is a mystery.

People get offended very easily and I suspect that this being “offended” is a part of the mystery behind how things become politically correct.

I have an opinion which may not go down too well in some quarters. This opinion is that not surgically required plastic surgery is a form of self-mutilation brought about by obsession with the form side of life. This is not, I suspect, a woke opinion.

I suspect that some of my views in the blog would be close to if not fully taboo, were I still working at an august academic institution. People can and do get sacked from their jobs because of things which they post on social media. This is despite, in some cases, constitutional protections apropos of freedom of speech. Mobs get angry and kill people because they don’t like what they say, you can get beheaded.

I think that this almost enforced cultural norming is a bad thing on the whole. It tends towards the lowest common denominator.

If you are offended then you have not attained impermanence, as a consequence you will reincarnate, simple really.

This post has been prompted by a notion I had this morning. The notion is that people do not like to talk about evil or use the word evil. They do not like to read about evil. As a consequence, evil flourishes. It is not woke to speak about evil. Evil is a taboo word.

Nevertheless, evil exists and many have it in their hearts and their minds.

Royalty, Taboo, Employability and The Infernal Woodshed

This week started off with an email from Times Higher suggesting that there are still some strong taboos amongst the thoroughly open minded, unbiased, totally non-judgemental and utterly inclusive “Academy”.

From Times Higher Education


Good morning,

Today we explore medical research into psychedelic drugs and the risks involved in researchers talking openly about using banned substances themselves in the name of furthering knowledge. Plus, we hear from English sector leaders who warn that new cuts to arts funding and courses in London will hurt universities and students. We also examine fresh evidence about the impact of doctoral study on mental well-being.


Research into the effects of illegal drugs, both in terms of more knowledge about their impacts and whether they can be of clinical use for physical and mental disorders, has often been controversial. However, it can be even more controversial when researchers themselves take such substances to further their understanding. With medical research into psychedelic drugs booming – such as clinical trials on the use of MDMA to treat post-traumatic stress disorder under way in the US and psilocybin-based drugs for depression under development in the UK – questions are again arising about researchers taking psychedelics, even if they firmly believe that it gives them a vital insight into how the substances affect the brain.

Hey man, I have had acid on a number of occasions {not a big fan} and was partial to magic mushrooms {big fan}, sometimes in very large quantities. See I have now gone and ruined my employability even further!! I could also do spliff-gate or cookie-gate and make public a list of anyone with whom I have partaken. You know who you are….

Do you ever get the impression that a whole bunch of people have their heads right up their hypocritical arses?

People can get sacked for blogs and for inappropriate pictures, the thought police are alive and well in the 21st century. It is my calculation that I am unemployable even though I possess knowledge and skills which might be useful. And now because of this blog I am even more unemployable.

Quel dommage.

Over the last few days, I / we have been struggling with an infernal puzzle made deep in the secret heart of the People’s Republic of China – A flat pack woodshed, 3 by 2 by 1.50 metres. It is now 99.5 % finished and there are only 11 screws left to fit. My body is aching like a trooper. Since we have been here, we have found out that the locals make bloody good concrete. I have gotten through umpteen masonry bits!! And now it is chainsaw time. Time to populate The Infernal Woodshed. Time to invest in a chainsaw.

Upstairs the mango homebrew “wine” is bubbling away nicely. The Apple and Cranberry can be racked soon. The wife is reading quietly in front of the fire.

Oh, and yeah, Kindle Direct tell me that I have an incoming royalty payment…thank you!!

The roast potatoes will need basting in a few minutes and then it will be time to put the lamb in the oven.

Maybe tonight we will continue on Netflix with Sense8, a drama about a group of young people linked telepathically. It is a good watch if mildly disorienting.