An Ancient Prophecy by The Nameless One

The previous post speaks about the externalisation from the point of view of The Guardians of the Race or Spiritual Hierarchy.

The seven dreaming classes correspond to the seven rays.

Because my causal vehicle was second ray, that means I belong to the Elephant dreaming class. My secondary predilection is for the East.

This one is from a warrior’s perspective. This perhaps refers to same phenomenon.

It is written “between the Hierarchy and humanity stand the warriors.”

Excerpted from “Return of the Warriors” by Theun Mares

Would You Believe Me?

I have just put the chicken breasts on to marinade in my home-made Teriyaki.

I was recollecting something that happened over a decade ago before I found out by accident that I could do deep voice chanting.

To preface this, by his own word, Djwhal Kuhl, was in an ageing body when he took the fifth initiation in 1875 and he later transferred vast tracts of knowledge, some telepathically, to Blavatsky and Bailey even unto the 1950s.

One winter morning I was walking alone very early, completely sober and not on any medication, when I stuck up a telepathic rapport with the Tibetan, as he is also known. This was on the Ashridge Estate near Tring

He told me that I had been a very close disciple of the Shakyamuni Buddha, Siddhartha. Prior to that I had had a Persian, Zoroastrian life. Subsequent to the disciple life, I was again a Buddhist priest / monk. Then I was a Christian priest / soldier in the crusades. This was a French life, and I was associated with one of the knightly quasi-occult orders. After that I was a Sicilian “renaissance” dandy. He told me that I had deliberately chosen to incarnate blind to all of my knowledge in order to see what I might be able to endure. He said that I would never again incarnate here on this planet. Not ever, this is my very last incarnation.

Somehow in this life I found my way to some of the best and most prestigious universities in the world to become a science academic. These were University College London, The Royal Institution of Great Britain, The University of Manchester, The University of Bern, Imperial College London and ultra-fleetingly, Oxford. I co-founded a very high-power laser start-up company which in 2007 had a turnover of £9 million pounds before it went belly up in the crash

I once was the alleged so-called lead in a group working on the Toltec Teachings under the guidance of Theun Mares, whilst working at Imperial.

Now I am a pensioner on a stipend of £1000 a month living in the Breton countryside and sole carer for my wife who has metastatic disease.

If I told you this, would you believe me?

Or is all some shit I made up because I am a nutter, a whacko and a little bored?

Become At-one With the Mystery

It has been a very long three weeks and I am unsure, from time to time, what day of the week it is. It does not really matter so long as it is not Sunday. Most of the shops are truly shut then.

I nearly joked at the pharmacy if they had a loyalty card scheme. We would get lots of bonus points.

It is slightly strange, if you want to get vaccinated you have to get the vaccines from the pharmacy and take them to the doctor or nurse to be injected. They trust you to keep the vaccine {not Covid} in the fridge.

So, because the wife is going to start treatment next week and will become immuno-compromised, we are having several vaccinations early next week including our Covid booster jabs.

In the background I can feel / see various threads converging in the web of life.

I am going to treat this situation using the fourth postulate of stalking and the forth aspect of the stalker’s rule.

“Once he has entered into battle, a warrior abandons himself to his actions by allowing his spirit to flow free and clear. Only then do the powers of destiny guide us by paving the way.”

It is pretty odd to go into all the shops festooned with Christmas decorations, at the moment.

I guess looking forward our hermitage is a good place in which to undergo cancer therapy, its relative isolation makes it less full of other people’s germs and viruses.

Still doing quite a lot of sighing….

The Sorcerer’s Explantion – Fires of the Forge

The War of the Heavens, The Toltec Temple,The Source of Life.

The Nameless One, Warriors of Atl, Getting Ready to Leave our Homeworld and come to this planet.. a long long time ago.

Atl and The Great Sacrifice. The Spirit of Atl.

The Shortcoming Egotism

Everybody has this shortcoming to some extent. When it is activated, we express the following behaviours, it stems from the dark jewel Egotism

22 Egotism
Active Shortcoming: Self-importance
Behaviour: Self-opinionated, arrogant, self-centred, pompousness, holier-than-thou, longwindedness
Passive Shortcoming: Self-pity
Behaviour: Victim/martyr, hard-done-by, unappreciated, fear of exposure, fear of being wrong, fear of criticism

Anything might activate it. If for example you were being pompous and I said as much, chances are you would be pompous about your lack of pompousness, feel criticised, defend yourself in an arrogant way and give numerous examples of how you are not in fact a pompous being. The last thing you might say is “sorry man, I can be a bit of an arse from time to time.” You may even make a mental note that I have been mean to you and look out for any opportunity to get one back on me, your sweet revenge.

I have worked in academia, so chances are that I have met some pompous people.

It is possible to oscillate between the two poles, self-importance and self-pity.

To use an imaginary example which I will make up just now.

Arthur is a professor at the university of Harvton he has a pretty good reputation and has brought in millions in funding. He reckons himself and has strongly held opinions some of which are not based in evidence, but he continues to promote an antimalarial drug for curing the seventh coronavirus outbreak. He has recently put in a research grant application for a million dollars. He goes to the research council web site where the results of the latest funding round are. He has told his research group that there is a good chance that he will get funded. He feels entitled to the money because of his reputation and genius. Unlike all his competitors he came up the hard way, he alone is honest and not guilty of cronyism. He looks down the list of awards and cannot see his name on it. Prof. Zed has been funded but not him. They always like prof. Zed better than me. It is not fair that he gets funded, and I don’t. He is their favourite.

He gets on the ‘phone to speak to the research council to see if there has been an error. The programme secretary answers, and she says that there is no error. He starts to shout, “how dare you not fund me, blah, blah, blah.” The poor girl on the other end of the ‘phone gets a right earful when she was not even involved in the decision-making process.

Nobody appreciates all the hard wok I have put in, those bastards from California have ganged up on me again. They have put the fix in and this after I gave them that pointer back in May. What have they been saying behind my back? Have they been saying that the anti-malarial drug does not work against Sars-CoV-7? Will they find out that I am a fraud? What am I going to tell my research group? Will they figure out I have been bullshitting? I’ll have to make something up to cover myself. There could be some technicality at the research council which I could invent. They will never find out that I have made it up.

I hope you can the gist from this vignette.

My personal expression of this dark jewel was more on the passive side – feeling sorry for myself and victim / martyr. I was a bit concerned about exposure. But did not really worry about being wrong and was mostly open to criticism.

How do you manifest this dark jewel?

Do you recognise the oscillation?


The description of the Shortcoming is excerpted from a document written by Theun Mares