An Ancient Prophecy by The Nameless One

The previous post speaks about the externalisation from the point of view of The Guardians of the Race or Spiritual Hierarchy.

The seven dreaming classes correspond to the seven rays.

Because my causal vehicle was second ray, that means I belong to the Elephant dreaming class. My secondary predilection is for the East.

This one is from a warrior’s perspective. This perhaps refers to same phenomenon.

It is written “between the Hierarchy and humanity stand the warriors.”

Excerpted from “Return of the Warriors” by Theun Mares

Would You Believe Me?

I have just put the chicken breasts on to marinade in my home-made Teriyaki.

I was recollecting something that happened over a decade ago before I found out by accident that I could do deep voice chanting.

To preface this, by his own word, Djwhal Kuhl, was in an ageing body when he took the fifth initiation in 1875 and he later transferred vast tracts of knowledge, some telepathically, to Blavatsky and Bailey even unto the 1950s.

One winter morning I was walking alone very early, completely sober and not on any medication, when I stuck up a telepathic rapport with the Tibetan, as he is also known. This was on the Ashridge Estate near Tring

He told me that I had been a very close disciple of the Shakyamuni Buddha, Siddhartha. Prior to that I had had a Persian, Zoroastrian life. Subsequent to the disciple life, I was again a Buddhist priest / monk. Then I was a Christian priest / soldier in the crusades. This was a French life, and I was associated with one of the knightly quasi-occult orders. After that I was a Sicilian “renaissance” dandy. He told me that I had deliberately chosen to incarnate blind to all of my knowledge in order to see what I might be able to endure. He said that I would never again incarnate here on this planet. Not ever, this is my very last incarnation.

Somehow in this life I found my way to some of the best and most prestigious universities in the world to become a science academic. These were University College London, The Royal Institution of Great Britain, The University of Manchester, The University of Bern, Imperial College London and ultra-fleetingly, Oxford. I co-founded a very high-power laser start-up company which in 2007 had a turnover of £9 million pounds before it went belly up in the crash

I once was the alleged so-called lead in a group working on the Toltec Teachings under the guidance of Theun Mares, whilst working at Imperial.

Now I am a pensioner on a stipend of £1000 a month living in the Breton countryside and sole carer for my wife who has metastatic disease.

If I told you this, would you believe me?

Or is all some shit I made up because I am a nutter, a whacko and a little bored?

Become At-one With the Mystery

It has been a very long three weeks and I am unsure, from time to time, what day of the week it is. It does not really matter so long as it is not Sunday. Most of the shops are truly shut then.

I nearly joked at the pharmacy if they had a loyalty card scheme. We would get lots of bonus points.

It is slightly strange, if you want to get vaccinated you have to get the vaccines from the pharmacy and take them to the doctor or nurse to be injected. They trust you to keep the vaccine {not Covid} in the fridge.

So, because the wife is going to start treatment next week and will become immuno-compromised, we are having several vaccinations early next week including our Covid booster jabs.

In the background I can feel / see various threads converging in the web of life.

I am going to treat this situation using the fourth postulate of stalking and the forth aspect of the stalker’s rule.

“Once he has entered into battle, a warrior abandons himself to his actions by allowing his spirit to flow free and clear. Only then do the powers of destiny guide us by paving the way.”

It is pretty odd to go into all the shops festooned with Christmas decorations, at the moment.

I guess looking forward our hermitage is a good place in which to undergo cancer therapy, its relative isolation makes it less full of other people’s germs and viruses.

Still doing quite a lot of sighing….

The Sorcerer’s Explantion – Fires of the Forge

The War of the Heavens, The Toltec Temple,The Source of Life.

The Nameless One, Warriors of Atl, Getting Ready to Leave our Homeworld and come to this planet.. a long long time ago.

Atl and The Great Sacrifice. The Spirit of Atl.

Three Golden Crosses Dream 18-06-2009 & Sketch of the Toltec Temple Precint

From “The Shadows of Wolf Fire” by Theun Mares

Three Golden Crosses / Caretaker of Knowledge Dream 18-06-2009

The dream starts with a vison of three golden and radiant crosses spaced equally on a golden-sun-like orb with a golden radiance.

I am then walking along beside a river dressed in my Yukata with some loose change in my hand. I come upon a family, and they are wondering about falling in the river. They have some shoes and I say that the ones with the heels are the best. Don’t worry about falling in the river you are very far from any waterfalls and the water is cool and refreshing.

The woman wonders if I am holding something back as all the gossip says I say that no I am not.

Then I am in the Science Museum. I am caretaker. What better place for me than to be the caretaker of knowledge. I go into a room and there are some beautiful postcards of Buddha.

I here deep melodious voices:

“We knew when you first came into being all those millions of years ago that this is how you would always live.  A life full of compassion and that you would always be a little mis-understood. A beautiful thing and that you would always do this for evermore.”

Dream ends.

From “The Shadows of Wolf Fire” by Theun Mares

This was my meditation log on the same day:

I had been exploring the Toltec Temple Precinct for a number of months…I can hold this thought form entire in my consciousness.

The Doctrine of Continuous Revelation and Initiation

To my ageing brain it makes a great deal of sense that “truth” is revealed in accordance with human capacity of comprehension. The words of the Rig Veda some 3200 years ago differ from an A level Physics textbook. The world of Abraham differed considerably to ours. Zoroaster would not know modern Iran. Buddha might be shocked at the number and grandeur of Buddhist temples at Bodh Gaya. And your man Jesus would look in awe at the number of cathedrals and the variety of sects he might utter wtf have you done.

In our times human mind is way more capable of abstract thought. Each year tens of thousands of minds come across the Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum mechanics. I reckon that Buddha 2500 years ago would have struggled with it, but regular undergraduate students can get at least the gist of it without too many migraines. Buddha understood the nature of mind but the maths for quantum mechanics had not yet materialised. There was no need for it back then.

Here is a challenge for you. Read every single blue book by Bailey and Kuhl. Assimilate and comprehend the entire opus. When you are done with that get your head around Blavatsky’s work. I double dare you.

One could argue that the Toltec Teachings as per Mares and not Castaneda are a part of this continuous revelation. What about Scientology?

The Tibetan mentions that he has taken the fifth initiation.

I’ll put forward a suggestion. There are contents within his opus which are only properly comprehended after one has taken the appropriate initiation. One is only able to understand them and “get” them when one has evolved sufficiently in order so to do. Thus, although stated in text, the content in not accessible to mind until the mind has been sufficiently developed.

This is very similar to science teaching. One has to lay foundation stones of concept in order to build the bigger picture. A missing conceptual foundation prevents the house being constructed and people do “top out” in their ability. I have worked with Ph.D. students and although they can use the equations of non-linear optics, they do not really get it. They may have no desire to, or they may simply be unable to.

Here is another blue book that I have / had some familiarity with. I have seen a number of Ph.D. students shit a brick when they opened it.

The idea of the bible story of Jesus going through an initiatory process as he wandered around makes more sense, at least to me, than the interpretations I was made to draw. For a while I attended a convent school in Zambia. I remember drawing pictures of men in long coats with beards. I always got less than 4 out of 10 because I am bad at drawing.

We have an account of what transpired on the physical plane but no idea what was going on for him subjectively. Humans like dead letter, or face value, interpretation. They want to argue about the “facts”. What is a fact? It is something which is made, from facio. It is material. There is no account written by either Christ or Buddha as to what was really going on for them. I doubt many of us would be able to comprehend. So, we have a quasi-reportage or soap opera story telling. People like the miracles, the latter-day CGI, the juicy bits.

The work of the Tibetan is, it seems, a part of the continuous revelation.

People may be too lazy to try to get their head around it. After all, Strictly Come Dancing, The Football and Love Island are on the telly…and there are loads of text messages to reply to and computer games to master.


Using Death as An Adviser

Within the Toltec tradition there is a very powerful technique called using death as adviser. Sooner or later your death will tap you on the shoulder and say, “come on sunshine it is time to go!”

In general people vacillate, prevaricate, procrastinate, beat around the bush and generally avoid making decisions wherever and whenever they can.  People rarely take the difficult option because there will always be tomorrow, so they piss about, bullshit and generally take the path of least resistance. They live in an illusory world of quasi-permanence.

They have not attained impermanence.

The most unarguable thing is that as medical science currently stands each one of us will die and leave behind a slab of meat. Death is inevitable.

The best way to cut through all the BS is to ask yourself if my death was fairly imminent how would I behave in this circumstance? Listen to the advice that death proffers.

I mentioned in the previous post my own cancer. When I found out about it, I used the full extent of my organisational and leveraging ability to ensure that the operation took place as fast as possible. I even paid for private CT scans to jump the queue. Believe me although I am an old git, my organisational skills are still top notch.

I have been using death as an adviser for over 20 years. It tends to increase decisiveness and stops one from fannying about or piss arsing around. It can cause one to fully open your heart. There is no point in nit picking or arguing the toss if death is imminent.

Théun had me write a letter to myself as if I was my very best friend writing the letter to a dying man, me. That did the trick.

I have been in potentially fatal situations a number of times; the crocodile incident in Zambia, a near drowning in Australia, the night I was close to suicide, the gang event in Brixton, various solo hiking situations and when I bust my hip 2 years ago. In situations of crisis, I am nearly always “cool hand Luke” so to speak.

This is because I have used death as an adviser. I know I am already dead.

In heightened awareness you can sense the proximity of your own death, sense his breath on your hackles.

His advice is nearly always, “act impeccably!”

That is pretty much it, he is a bit of a succinct introvert methinks.

I have heard it said that the only thing a warrior ever truly owns is his or her impeccability.

The next time you are facing some decision, or a “dilemma” simply ask yourself, “If I am going to die soon how would I in all honesty act?” You must be honest else there is no point in doing this. You cannot hedge things in the face of your own death.

I’ll wager that if you do this you will in time become more decisive and perhaps impeccable.