Lantern Jack

Dank tendrils of

a misty miasma

caress the land

somehow, ill at ease


Padding soft across

all the shaven fields

haunting the crows

out gathering seed


Jack-o’-lantern lights

the marshy bogs at night

homesick as he patrols

the cusp of all the twilight


Between the copse

and the meadows

playing hide and seek

with memories


Ready or not

here he comes

deep in the furrows of time

ploughed and furled


Collecting the flints

and chalking deeds

haunting the daylights

out of all the living


He flickers in between


a faerie, pixie light,

torches in the breeze


Close the windows

lock the doors

lest he blow

dream-dust in your ears


Reaping wheaten loaves

the catcher in the rye

bakes drum rolls

in a timpani oven


Palming dream grains

in his cauldron fingers

blowing dragon breath

upon fading embers


To ease the Phoenix

the ashes out

teasing the tears

of a forlorn dawn


Jack is abroad

with his magic sack

sprinkle, sprinkle, all

dreams to twinkle


Hush the rush

the lantern comes

to plant seeds

in the clouds of thought


His pantry always full

unscrews the jar

kept many winter through

and places the dreams


In his magic flute

to key finger threads

upon the duvet downs

that still doze, dozy


Jack-o’-lantern lights

sleepy hollow

and starts their dreams

their dreams for tomorrow


As he tip-toes past

he checks off the names

from his shopping list

granting each a single wish


Now with the call of dawn

the reeds and peat

whisper him back to bed

and lay down his weary head


For Jack must again dream

his pantry full

and pack his sack

before the mist will call and pull


For lantern Jack

there is no rest

must sow all those dreams

from his magic sack.


The Twilight Echo

That subtle imprint,

The etch

The sketch of him


Never saw the germ

Sneak under my skin

That gentle djinn


No showers or spas

Might lather away

Those twilight echoes


Nor would I want


His eyes tattooed me

His soul embraced

And it soothed


To be understood

And held so,

Caressed in tears


That profound

The meaning

A sublime


And none but I

Can tell