Taking Things for Granted

I’ll hazard a guess that before this tiny bag of RNA started to run riot, many people took many things and maybe many people for granted. These things were always available and the people at beck and call. Now things are not quite so available, our activities are curtailed. We did not value. There was a sense of entitlement. “It is my right to dine out at a restaurant!!” People are complaining that their divine right to holidays has been cancelled. The people we took for granted are no longer there either because of travel restrictions or death. Their company which we once took for granted has been withdrawn. Again, we did not value our interactions with our fellow beings.

Two things struck me this morning on my trawl through the media, an agricultural “disaster” in France caused by a recent cold spell and the global shortage of semiconductors. There will be a reduced grape harvest and therefore less wine. The just when needed logistics chain has failed and interrupted semiconductor production. Natural disasters have exacerbated this. About half the world chip production is at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. Taiwan is a geo-political global flash point in the “war” between China and USA. Chips are in everything and car production has been halted because there were not enough chips. Things are way more fragile than we imagine. No chips means no groovy new smart ‘phones. Now that would be a real “disaster”. It is kind of odd that we rely on processed sand, silicon, so very heavily.

Because we take things for granted there can be an “I’ll do it tomorrow or another day” mentality. People put things off out of shyness, or lack of courage, or laziness. There are so many things that we just didn’t do, just didn’t say or just didn’t get around to. Because we take things for granted, we just cannot be arsed.

But things are impermanent, they will not always be available, the instant where we might have acted is so often passed, lost for ever, never coming back. That moment can be wasted.

It would be a weird thing to have on a tombstone.

“He/she just didn’t value, took things for granted and now it is too late, what a shame.”

What / who do you take for granted?

Are you entitled so to do?

What if the grant was withdrawn?