Seemingly Impossible Situations

It is oft stated that the INFJ Myers Briggs personality type is the rarest of them all. Others say that they have a dolphin like radar, and that they rely on their often-accurate intuitions. The Tibetan talks about cultivating, intuition and soular intuition at that.  In general, intuitive types as per MBTI are less common than sensing types. Humanity is evolving and I will make a prediction; the percentage of people testing positive for an intuition preference will increase.

For about eight years I taught high school chemistry and physics privately. For about 30 % of the students, I helped them adapt their intuitive orientation to deeply sensing exam papers. Only one answer allowed and that must match exactly the expected parrot response. A number of times I was shown homework marked as wrong when in fact the answer given was simply better and more comprehensive than the REQUIRED one. My exam grades at school had also suffered from my non parrot status. I said to these high school students, wait a couple of years and your approach will be better!! By year three or four at university you will come into your own. I taught them to mind map instead of list and flash card. I taught them how to build circular revision maps based on themes. They were a bit freaked out when I read what was going on for them and then realised that they were a bit like me, they relaxed, and we had fun. If they needed a good old tangent, off we went, and I guided them back to subject.

I have long held an interest in seemingly impossible situations, the “you can’t have your cake and eat it type”, the catch-22, the conundrum and of course good old Zen koans. “What is the sound of one hand clapping?” Some of these are just plain stupid, others are profound.

I have mentioned that I had some seemingly telepathic conversations with members of the second ray ashrams. How does one view this?

Yes, telepathy is possible and an INFJ might just the sort of weirdo who could do this?

Or one could imagine that I simply did too many mushrooms and weed when I was a student and a consequence, I am deeply delusional.

Or is it simply my glamour, my wish to be important bringing out the inner Walter Mitty in me.

Each of those beliefs has a consequence. Unless you sat down and chewed the fat with me over a period of many weeks or months there is no reliable way of knowing. The Tibetan however suggests that we rely on our intuition. What does your intuition tell you?

The implication of my telepathic conversations with my telepathic friends is that I am an initiate of some degree. So, if you are pooh-poohing my imaginary friends what in effect are you doing?

Are you demonstrating your omniscience or are you demonstrating your dogmatic insistence on being right, oh you marvellous font of all wisdom?  All hail the mighty!

What would be the consequences of believing that I am indeed a high degree initiate, especially given how you are currently behaving?

Now If I am a nutter / Mitty, what are the consequence of that belief. There are not many if it is true, more if not.

What are the consequences of an ex-academic being a nutter / Mitty in his old age?

Way back I did know quite a few proper scientists at pucker universities. I doubt many of them would believe in telepathy unless they had good data. They live in the world of proof. If I  was to say in the absence of theory, there is no such thing as proof. Is that a seemingly impossible situation? Proof is only a human mental construct and is impermanent.

Trouble is you cannot test telepathy with boring geometric cards it does not work like that. There cannot ever be a six-sigma test, sorry! {J, I, D, B, – R, D, J, -M, A, – T, J}

 I like seemingly impossible situations; they can be fun thought experiments.

Contradictions and Compartmentalisation

I’ll kick this off with a little quiz;

To whom is this piece of text attributed?


Hermetis Trismegisti

Opera Chemica.


Tabula Smaragdina.

 Verum est sine mendacio, certum et verissimum. Quod

est inferius est sicut id quod est superius et quod est superius

est sicut id quod est inferius ad perpetranda miracula rei

unius. Et sicut res omnes fuerunt ab uno meditatione

et consilio unius: ita omnes res nascuntur ab hac una

re adaptione. Pater ejus est sol. Mater ejus est Luna

Portavit illum Ventus in ventre suo, Nutrix ejus est

Terra. Pater omnis perfectionis totius mundi est hic. Vis

ejus est integra si versa fuerit in terram. Separabis

terram ab igne, subtile a spisso suaviter magno cum

ingenio. Ascendit a terra in caelum

iterumque descendit in terram & recipit vim superiorum

& inferiorum. Sic habebis gloriam totius mundi et fugiet

a te omnis obscuritas. Haec est enim totius

fortitudinis fortitudo fortis. Nam vincet omnem rem

subtilem omnemque solidam penetrabit. Sic Mundus

creatus est. Hinc erunt adaptiones mirabiles quarum modus

est hic. Itaque vocatus sum Hermes Trismegistus habens

tres partes philosophiae totius mundi. Completum est quod

dixi de <illeg.>opere solari.

The answer is of course Isaac Newton…

Now Newton is said to be one of the fathers of modern science and yet this dude was writing stuff like this as well!! {I hope you can read and understand Latin.} He is long dead so perhaps we can at last forgive him his errancy, bless.

People tend not to want to see the whole picture. They latch on to a single thing and are not willing to accept other stuff. There is a contradiction and a compartmentalisation. Newton was an alchemist as well as a mathematician and natural philosopher. Today he would probably have problems for his whacky ideas…nobody would give him a research grant because despite being brilliant, he was a non-conformist and a whacko.

Why is our current thinking so very compartmentalised?  

One non politically correct thing and you are fucked…

What is wrong with having a renaissance approach to thinking?

It is too flaky for us serious retentive professionals…

Must we all live in a tunnel?

Yah, there is only the accepted consensual “reality”. You have to be a member of the club don’t you know…

I think it is time that people begin to open their minds a bit more….

Part 2 of the quiz…

Who said this?

“We knew the world would not be the same. A few people laughed, a few people cried. Most people were silent. I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad Gita; Vishnu is trying to persuade the Prince that he should do his duty and, to impress him, takes on his multi-armed form and says, ‘Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.’ I suppose we all thought that, one way or another.”

A Beautiful Winter Day

It is very still and very quiet here today. No traffic on the road due to confinement, there were a few Day-Glo cyclists this morning, out building an appetite for lunch. Nearly all the leaves are down and the sun low in the sky casts lovely images on the mirror of our pond. It is so mild. Last year it rained near every day in November. I was pretty much housebound then, starting to use my Zimmer frame and then crutches.

I am more than a little knackered, been doing a whole heap of wall preparation, filling and sanding. When you move to a new house you get to uncover the DIY projects of others and understand about their attention to detail or lack of it. It tells you a little about their mentality.

I was even able to use a step ladder. This tends to mess up my good leg. I am much more nervous on a ladder than I used to be. The wood-burner is due for installation next week and should my knee get better I’ll be doing some flooring Tuesday or Wednesday. I must say we are really looking forward to it. My pyro head can’t wait. I looked at the bottom of my shoes, the right one is more worn than the left one, which suggests that I am still favouring my right leg considerably.

I have been reflecting today on how many people pooh-pooh stuff without trying it or even exploring it a bit. There is a knee jerk reaction based in ignorance or fear. So now we have been in a year when various politicians say that they are following “the” science and others talk BS about using bleach. Here in France I read a poll today that suggests half of the people don’t want to take a vaccine. They are perhaps afraid or suspicious. In the UK the vaccine is being hyped like sliced bread. During the year the wife has had many conversations with me about how to read data, she is a language major. So now she knows a little more about graphs…she has taken over the room preparation and is on the first coat of paint.

Over the years I have dabbled in spirituality and New Age, the people there are suspicious of me because I am / was a scientist. People who are scientists may think me whacko for dabbling thus. Both sets have prejudiced people in them!! How do you know unless you give something a good unbiased exploration? The answer is you don’t, you would be opining perhaps because you like the sound of your own voice.

How do you know if you are prejudiced? Would one even notice?


Strange Perceptual Space

Since I started this blog, I have been revisiting some of my poems and material from my other blogs. I can track, a little, my evolution and some of the strange events that have happened, to me. I recognize me in some of it, but it was a quite different me. One of the things that has struck me, is that I know when I am speculating and extemporizing, it is possible that people on reading what I wrote / write believed that this is / was what I held to be true, ergo, I must be / have been loony.. a whacko.

If I explore a theme, it is just that, an exploration. Yet people can seize on these as my reality, literally. They presume to know what I am thinking and believing.

What I have noted of late is that people simply do not get my degree of attachment or rather non-attachment. If one is keen to impress, ambitious to move forward, to make a mark, then it is difficult to comprehend someone, perhaps like me, who is dis-interested.

My default is that we will live here on a pretty small income, not far removed from minimum wage, for the foreseeable future. There are two outliers to this scenario, a putative involvement with a friend in the states, and my patent application. That world of big cheeses is far away. I am in no way attached to these outliers and if nothing comes from them, we are in the default.

It is hard to understand that if fate decrees, 2000 euros a month is enough to live on, plenty even. Back in 2006, I was on ~£4200 a month, before tax.

Yeah in a strange perceptual space tonight, I don’t think that “others” understand that what they might see as a carrot is in fact not as attractive as it might be, perhaps they have the wrong end of the stick…