Saw Some Zürich Number Plates…

On the way taking the bamboo to the tip today I saw a car with Zürich number plates. This is unusual we get a lot of VD, VS and the odd GE but this is the first Zürich plate I have seen. It makes sense for the francophone cantons to visit. Of course, most people from Switzerland are very adept at language.

Coincidence or thematic linkage to my dream?

I have been following the threads from the thesis which point at Annie Besant, Jiddu Krishnamurti and to Giordano Bruno. These naturally led also to Rudolph Steiner. I was astounded to learn that Steiner had given a series of talks a Penmaenmawr in 1923!! There were rumours that Besant was the reincarnation of Bruno and for a while Krishnamurti was touted as the voice of the World Teacher. Besant spoke on the subject of Bruno at the Sorbonne!!

I seriously thought about teaching in a Steiner school and later at one founded by Krishnamurti. I got close enough to have a pre-interview interview at the Steiner school. It was a tad freeform for my liking, but the people were very nice.

It seems the theosophists played a major role in the promulgation of ideas and the promotion of education, several large auditoria, including the Holywood bowl are down to them, apparently.

It seems wherever one goes the foibles of the human personality and interpersonal politics are to be found.

It has been interesting re-visiting these spaces.

Back at home…

The river has risen nearly three feet in under an hour and the runoff from Menez Bre will still be on its way here…chances are the bridge will be submerged before darkness falls.

It has been nice to have some thunder and lightning…

But please can you ease up on the rain for a bit?

Zürich Theosophy Dream 13-9-21

Here is this morning’s dream. When I got up, I typed Zürich Theosophy into Google and found that someone has done a Ph.D. thesis on the Theosophical movement and one of her examiners was at ETH Zürich. I shall have a quick scan of it later.

I am in a room with several people my age and older. I know them to be theosophists. I am saying to them that the age range is high and that on average they are older than me. What are they doing to try to attract a younger audience? They show me an App. on a computer. I try to get it to open but fail. They say that I need a code. They give me four groups of two numbers 53, 29 and I forgot the other two. This opens an application in which one can read various Theosophical Society documents online, in an archival style.

I say that I need to go to Zürich Theosophy, Theosophy Zürich. They say that I don’t have to as there are Theosophical groups here in France. {The conversation is entirely in English}. I am adamant I have to go to the Zürich branch because I am missing Switzerland a little. Apparently, I have something for them.

I awake and think, “that was weird and out of the blue.”

Around 19 years ago I attended one meeting of the Theosophical Society in England in Gloucester Place. The talk was well presented and clear, but the whole thing was a bit too “nice cup of tea and a cucumber sandwich” for my liking. I was more Stella Artois and Marlboro Lights at the time.

Much later I had some small interaction with Theosophy Cardiff who were a bit less starchy.